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About Skater Claus

Skater Claus is a charitable project I started in which we give skateboards & helmets to kids in need for free. Most of the recipients live in low income communities, or are in foster care. Started in December 2018, & in year 1 we gave out over 100 skateboards & helmets.

I started the original Skater Claus chapter in my home town of Atlanta, GA, but want to spread this concept all around the world. My next goal is to start 3 chapters in different cities around the world in 2020 & give out over 300 skateboards & helmets. To learn more check out the links below, follow my social media, explore the site, watch the skate video, and/or contact me directly at


Team Skater Claus

I started Skater Claus by myself in my living room, but Skater Claus grew into the movement it is today with the help of many people. There are too many to list, but check out my shout outs below.

Skater Claus Team Riders

Johan Guia (@johanguia) I met Johan through social media, & he was the winner of the Skater Claus Kick It Corona virtual contest! Johan has been skating 3 years, skates goofy, & is inspired by Chris Jolsin & Nyjah. He loves competition & plans to go pro. Very proud to have Johan as part of #TeamSkaterClaus

Colby James Cornell I met Colby & his dad Brian through social media. We met up, did some skating, & I gave Colby a more park style board once I realized he could really shred. Colby, Brian & I became fast friends, & they not only came out to the Trestletree event to shred but Colby also made a custom rail for the event (which I still have on my front porch & use all the time). See more about Colby’s rails below… Colby is a great up & coming talent & just a generally good dude, so I decided to make him the first official Skater Claus team rider. I keep Colby in fresh decks & gear, & he reps Skater Claus on his board way better than I can in my old age. Keep an eye out for this kid, & if you need a rail…

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Wicked Rails


Skater Claus team rider Colby James Cornell is not only a dope skater, but he has also grown to become a talented metal worker through the tutelage of his father Brian. He uses his skills to make amazing custom skate rails, which are top quality & he graciously provided a rail for the Trestletree event & I still use it daily. If you’re interested in a custom rail, hit me up or contact Colby on Instagram, @wickedrails2019

Skater Claus is planning several events for 2020, & you can bet there will be some dope Wicked Rails at all our events!

Contact Skater Claus

E-mail at, or hit us up on social:

And a special thanks to:

Parlay Distribution
Ruin Inc.
Dan K.
Nomi, Dane, & Jesse
And everyone that has supported the cause